About the Program

Meetings with CEOs of Global Corporations to Small-business Owners

Through the Rotary Student Program, young people explore career interests by meeting one on one with business professionals in reverse interview settings. Accompanied by Rotarians, students have the chance to ask questions, explore options, and discuss future plans that either confirm or redirect their dreams—before starting college and career.

Reaching That Dream Career

Taking the First Step is the Hardest Part

Once a student has decided to participate in the Rotary Student Program, they are well on their way to discovering more about their career dreams and the right fit for their future.

Getting Involved

Participation is Simple for
Rotarians, Mentors, Students, and Schools

Everyone has a role to play and something to gain through the Rotary Student Program.
Think about the role you could play and find out more.

Student Testimonials

Teri LaForest

Teri LaForest

"The Rotary Student Program gave me the opportunity to meet local professionals in meteorology, giving me valuable insight about the career path. Ultimately, because of the experience, I realized early on that meteorology was not the right fit for me, so I kept exploring and am now excited to be studying naval architecture."

Evan Hampton

Evan Hampton

“The Roatary student Program has opened my eyes and helped me realized there are plenty of people in our community who are willing to help students prepare for life after high school.”

Melanie Schweir

Melanie Schweir

“Everyone was so accommodating in the program and I was aligned with my own personal goals to someday become a physician.”

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